Guy Van den Bulcke: featuring his most recent oil paintings from 2017 and 2018

18 November - 7 December 2018

Guy Van den Bulcke was born in Antwerp in 1931, but has been living and working in Schoten for decades. This artist was represented in the summer of 2015 and 2017 with a room with paintings by his hand in the enchanting Palazzo Mora in the beautiful Cannaregio district of Venice in the context of the 56th and 57th Venice Biennale. Hundreds of thousands of visitors have been able to admire his work there. And also next year he was invited by the organizers to show a number of canvases in the Palazzo mentioned as part of the 58th edition. Moreover, Guy Van den Bulcke's oeuvre is well-distributed in the United States of America, where he had a number of successful individual exhibitions. And also a number of galleries and centers that have realized a beautiful exhibition of the artist, including Early Birds Art Gallery and the Guy Pieters Gallery in Knokke.
Throughout his figurative painting career of almost half a century, Guy Van den Bulcke, in addition to the man whom he depicted in numerous paintings, searched for the sublime in nature. The 18th century philosopher and politician Edmund BUrke described the 'sublime' as an experience of intense emotions that can be evoked by ultimate beauty, but also by threat and danger. Guy Van den Bulcke wanted to experience sublime sensations by undertaking nature trips worldwide. He also studied the elements of earth, air and water intensively in his recent paintings. Humans and animals and especially as an amateur ornithologist the birds, but in general the forces of nature control a large part of his recent production.
By the way, he has always sought to make it a personally felt, sublime experience.
The current landscapes of Guy Van den Bulcke from all over the world are unique. He is a landscape painter with a personal style, who subjects nature to his own painterly laws and rules. In his recent paintings, ducks and owls in particular appear. And the human being in various forms, again from all parts of the world.
The paintings are stunning and unique, where he builds in abstract image constructions and contrasts with figuration. To seek a greater truth than those who appear at first glance, to give a broader and freer interpretation to humans, animals, nature and culture and not only to the eye but also to the imagination, that is to say credo.
Ernest Van Buynder
Chairman Friends of the MuHKA
October 2018


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Sunday 18 November 2018

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23 November - 7 December  2018

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