Early Birds Art Gallery presents Simon Gudgeon


We were proud and a bit nervous when we opened the boxes of sender "Simon Gudgeon" this week. From the careful packaging, three bronze statues emerged: a graceful Ephemera, an elegant Balance and a determined Repose.




At long last time to meet this internationally renowned artist! The Briton was inspired by the human body for his most recent works, three of which we have in our gallery. Because of the movements it can make and the way it can convey emotions.


We can rightly be proud, because it is the first time that Simon Gudgeon's work is exhibited in Belgium. The Netherlands and France also did not yet receive this honour. Gudgeon mainly exhibits in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.


Serenity at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jacksonhole (USA)


Do you want to get to know the work of this artist even better? Then you have to go into the wide world. Simon Gudgeon is well known for his great outdoor work. Those images are in various A-locations, for example at the National Wildlife Museum in Jackson, Wyoming. A large part of his outdoor collection can be admired in his sculpture park Sculptures by the Lakes in the wonderful Dorset countryside.


Search For Enlightenment at the HQ of Cirque Du Soleil in Montréal (Canada)



 Leaf Spirit at Sculpture By The Lakes in Dorset (UK)


We would like to share one of his quotes: "a Sculpture must, above all, be a thing of beauty; it must uplift the spirit and enhance its surroundings. We totally agree! Ephemera, Balance and Repose are ready to be admired.

November 2, 2019