New in Knokke: Feather Artist Chris Maynard

"I am an artist and I carve feathers". These are the words of the American "feather artist" Chris Maynard. We thought a big name in the U.S., still relatively unknown in our region, about time to give the man a stage. We first met Chris last year at the Birds In Art Museum Show at the Woodson Art Museum. It couldn't be a coincidence that we met Chris a week later at the artist's reception party at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jacksonhole, Wyoming. That's 1300 miles or 2100 km away!


Reflection Study # 1 (28 x 36 cm)


Maynard cuts and cuts feathers with surgically small blades and scissors, creating silhouettes of birds. He works with feathers from turkeys, parrots, peacocks and other birds and adapts them to extremely subtle compositions. Many of the feathers have shed naturally, meaning the birds where they came from may still be alive. The artist is a conservationist in heart and soul, he never works with feathers obtained illegally.


Songbird Domain (38 x 53 cm)


Chris Maynard takes his inspiration from the feathers themselves and the sense of movement they create. The choice of "his" material was motivated by his desire to fly. "Feathers are so meaningful to us, because we all secretly hope to fly," he says.


Since 2010, Chris Maynard's work has been admired in several museums (including the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming). He is also a fixture in numerous private collections in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia.


Maynard's work highlights the natural patterns and colors of the feathers themselves and invites the viewer to look and look again.


Come and discover this feather artist's oeuvre in the Early Birds Art Gallery in Knokke from 13 June. In the meantime, we would like to let you dream away during this inspiring 1 minute video.


See you soon!

 PS: Do you want to get to know the person behind the artist better? In this TED Talk (9 minutes) Chris talks about how he found the meaning of life, and how feathers helped him. He also reveals his "recipe for success": focus on one thing, and then a world of possibilities opens up for you.
June 10, 2020