New Artists : Pieter Vanden Daele and Renso Tamse


With a prime location in Knokke, new artists cannot be left out. From June 15 we will exhibit works by sculptor Pieter Vanden Daele and painter Renso Tamse in the gallery.


We have been following both artists for quite some time. Gallery owner Mark Dedrie met Pieter Vanden Daele as a patina artist in the early 2000s. Shortly afterwards, Pieter himself started to create bronze sculptures of fish and frogs. Today he is an established value and exhibits in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, France, the USA, Canada and Russia.


Ludovic - Pieter Vanden Daele


Innocentius - Pieter Vanden Daele



Renso Tamse has also followed Mark and Francis with great interest for ten years. His work belongs to realistic painting with the favorite subject of wild, mysterious natural landscapes and the animals that belong there. Renso mainly sells works in England and the United States. From next weekend also in Knokke.


'Siberian' with the Renso Tamse himself






May 27, 2019